The World beyond Web 3.0

The Internet continues to evolve and the nature of content is changing.

Three eras of the Internet have brought us to the evolution of Cloud computing:

Web 1.0 started in 1995 and lasted until 2005. This was the pre-network world of the desktop. Core enterprise application content from this era includes e-mail, documents, spreadsheets images, and videos. During the Web 1.0 phase, content delivery was informational and took the form of brochure-based Websites.

Web 2.0 runs from 2005 until now and is the realization of true networking in all infrastructure and applications. Examples of Web 2.0 content include blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networks, comments, rating and video-casting. Web 2.0 technologies are more dynamic, engaging and focused on a two-way interactive discussion and user-generated content. Most of them rely on connectivity as part of their functionality. As Web 2.0 applications proliferate, so does the content that they generate, making content storage a serious issue for the enterprise.

Web 3.0 is in its infancy. New infrastructures and applications around mobile devices and the Semantic Web will drive this era.