Singapore's new power grid center to develop cleaner energy solutions

Singapore is investing in the development of a smart grid industry. The opening of the S$38-million, one megawatt Experimental Power Grid Center (EPGC) is a step closer to this objective.

"Smart grids will pave the way for a competitive energy market. Its technologies will enable us to offer services that allow businesses and households to choose their electricity retailers and packages according to their needs," said Minister S Iswaran, Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade and Industry, during the opening ceremonies.

"Smart grid technologies will also provide consumers with real-time information on their energy usage. Such information will allow consumers to make informed choices on how to use energy efficiently and save cost," he added.

The Minister explained that EPGC will allow researchers and companies to experiment with energy technologies in a safe grid-like environment to evaluate their performance and reliability before deployment in live, operational grids. It will also serve as a natural technology partner for companies exploring the integration of renewable energy sources in any climatic zone.

Many partnerships are also in the pipeline, including a collaboration with wind technology provider Vestas to co-develop technologies to enhance the capabilities of wind turbines. EPC is also partnering with SP Power Grid (SPPG) to improve grid reliability.

After the unveiling ceremonies, EPGC has signed an agreement with the Housing and Development Board (HDB) to study the integration of  distributed energy generation and electric vehicles into housing estates.

"This collaboration aims to address the technological challenges in assimilating distributed energy generation and electric vehicles into housing estates," the Minister said.