Singapore expands use of LED lighting

Singapore has started using Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting and Intelligent Lighting Detection System (ILDS) on pedestrian and overheard bridges.

The Land Transportation Authority (LTA) said these have been installed in places where the existing fluorescent lights were about to be replaced.

Compared to traditional fluorescent lights, the LTA expained that the use of LED lights at these bridges reduces monthly energy consumption by up to 50 percent and the total energy saving achieved by initially replacing the fluorescent lights at the 50 pedestrian and overheard bridges is equivalent to the energy consumed annually by 18 households living in five-room HDB flats.

It also plans to expand the use LED lights in new commuter facilities, including linkways, bus shelters, and taxi stands.

Meanwhile, ITLS sensors detect lights during the daytime and nighttime and automatically switches it on or off depending on need.