Salesnet announces release of Feature Pack

Salesnet, a customer relationship management (CRM) software company, announced the release of its Feature Pack which went live on Feb. 7. The release contains a wide array of additions, enhancements, bug fixes and "returned functionality" following the release of the New Salesnet earlier in the year. Users, according to a company statement, will notice many of the enhancements and modifications almost right away.

"This release has not only added a lot of new functionality, but the improvement to the user interface allows my customers and me to be much more efficient," said Wes Ragsdale. president of The Power of One and a long-time partner of Salesnet.

Key enhancements to the Salesnet CRM software with the Feature Pack release include an improved user interface, improved reporting and filtering, a new Help Center and a customizable multi-panel capability. The multi-panel capability is just one of the many additions. It allows the user to not only customize panel views of Salesnet, but to also mix other web applications with Salesnet panels.