Call center

New Zealand Racing Board gears up for multichannel communication

With changes in the betting landscape in New Zealand and the increasing uptake of smartphones and Internet based betting services, the New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) has adopted a customer contact solution that would help it increase customer contacts across a range of channels such as online, phone and SMS now and in the future.

The implementation of the Avaya Aura Contact Center solution has allowed NZRB to successfully handle much larger volumes of calls and multimedia communications with customers – all on a single, integrated platform.  The solution maximizes routing and resource selection, ensuring communications are passed instantly to the most appropriate available agent.

This in turn makes better use of agent time, ensures the best resources are used to address the activity or enquiry, improving overall productivity, response times and the cost effectiveness of the contact center. NZRB can also seamlessly split the volume of communications across three locations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

"The betting landscape tends to be quite cyclical and volumes increase and decrease depending on what events are being run at that particular time. We required a solution that was able to handle the rapid spikes in traffic - both phone based and online - with ease," said John Mitchell, Communications Manager, NZRB.