Most Singapore doctors favor healthcare IT adoption, survey says

Majority of Singapore doctors believe healthcare IT adoption will result in improved quality of treatment decisions.

An Accenture survey of more than 3,700 doctors across eight countries reveals that Singapore physicians agree strongly with the benefits of healthcare IT and a majority of them (69.1%) believe its most important contribution is better access to quality data for clinical research.

The survey also indicates that more than two-thirds of Singapore physicians (68.6%) believe healthcare technology will reduce the number of unnecessary interventions/procedures and improve diagnostic decisions (67.6%t). Singapore is the only surveyed country to recognize these benefits among their top three choices.

“Compared to other countries, Singapore clinicians show better receptivity toward healthcare IT, which indicates lower barriers to adoption of EMR and HIE,” said John Vidas, who leads Accenture’s health practice in Asia Pacific. “This enables physicians to reap the benefits of technology and improve patient care over time.”

The physician quantitative research - part of the Accenture Connected Health Study to be published in the coming weeks - surveyed 500 doctors per country in Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Spain and the United States and 200 doctors in Singapore between August and September 2011. The research measured physician attitudes toward "Connected Health," an approach to healthcare delivery that leverages the systematic application of healthcare IT to facilitate the accessing and sharing of information and the analysis of data across the healthcare system.