More Australian schools receive grants to go solar

Nearly 800 schools across Australia will receive $50,0000 grants to install solar and other renewable power systems from the government's National Solar Schools Program.

The Australian government will distribute over $25 million this year and some 2,000 applications for the grant have been received by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, an indication that schools are serious about reducing their energy consumption and conserving water.

Schools that have demonstrated value for money and the environmental and educational benefits of the projects were chosen, especially those schools located in remote or low socio-economic areas.

To date, 3,800 schools have already received the fund from the government. Schools that qualified for the grant must ensure that all projects meet Australian state and local government standards; solar power systems are installed by an accredited Clean Energy Council installer; and all other work is completed by a licensed tradesperson.

Schools that did not qualify for the grant are encouraged to apply for the next round of funding.