Mexican retailer connects with customers using SAS

Mexican retailer Liverpool has started using SAS Analytics to develop customer profiles to better engage them in targeted promotions and credit offers. More specifically, the department store chain has licensed SAS to discern who is buying what in its bricks and mortar stores.

"Liverpool has about 3 million credit card users," said Enrique Toussaint, Director of Market Intelligence, Liverpool. "We needed better intelligence to create buyer profiles that would reach different types of customers based on their buying behavior. SAS will help us identify which customers will respond to specific promotions well to targeted promotions, credit offers and events." 

Using analytical insights to connect merchandising processes with marketing objectives, SAS enables the marketing and merchandising areas to collaborate. This type of collaboration is becoming increasingly more important to retailers as they look to differentiate and engage their customers more effectively.

Robin Copland, SAS Director of Retail Business Development for Canada and Latin America, said an increasing number of retailers across Latin America are choosing SAS to generate analytical insights across their operations.