Magsaysay Transport and Logistics moves to the Cloud with Salesforce CRM

Magsaysay Transport and Logistics Corporation (MTLC), a a group of companies primarily engaged in full-container liner shipping, 3rd-party logistics, distribution, tankering and petroleum barging, ship management, among others,  recently signed an agreement with IP Converge Data Center for its subscription to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), world-leading cloud-based CRM solution for the social enterprise.

“We have offices in practically all major ports and cities in the Philippines, and because we foresee CRM as an integral part of our day to day operations, it is important that we are able to easily deploy a solution that allows quick user adoption for unhampered operations and real-time information updates”, said Doris Magsaysay Ho, President & CEO of Magsaysay.

IP-Converge, the Philippines' first and only publicly listed Internet Data Center and Cloud Services Provider, is the country's only Select Consulting Partner.

Aside from Salesforce CRM licenses, the company also provides integration and consulting services to various enterprises in the country and the region.

IP-Converge said today's business operations require tools that allow employees to collaborate and share information in real time - similar to popular social networking websites and applications. This way, business applications are easier to learn and are more engaging, giving companies a more dynamic and social business environment, which results in increased productivity in the workplace.

PHOTO: (from left ) Bobby  Aquino, Strategic Marketing & CRM Mgr, Magsaysay Transport & Logistics; Doris Magsaysay Ho, President & CEO, Magsaysay; Rene Huergas, President IP-Converge;  and Zakir Ahmed, Regional Vice President,