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IT Purchasing Behaviour for Healthcare in US

Research and Markets has announced the addition of "IT Purchasing Behavour: US Healthcare" to their offering.

This report presents survey data about broad IT purchasing behavior in the healthcare market, as well as, data specific to WAN services and wireless data services. The healthcare vertical market includes ambulatory healthcare services, hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, and social assistance. Respondents from healthcare firms were more likely to indicate that their firm was at the cutting edge of innovation, and that they use IT as a competitive tool, compared to other respondents. Survey results also show that decision-makers in this vertical expected a satisfactory return on IT investments in a shorter time than those in other verticals.

For healthcare firms, the most important factors when purchasing WAN services were reducing operating costs and improving network security, similar to other firms. However, healthcare firms' decision to implement WAN services is more likely to be influenced by a need to support applications specific to the healthcare industry.
When selecting a wireless data service provider, healthcare firms were most likely to find service quality and geographic coverage important. As far as the primary benefits expected from implementing a wireless data solution, healthcare decision-makers indicated increased employee productivity and efficiency most often. Healthcare respondents were significantly more likely than those in other verticals to indicate standardization of processes as a benefit.