Forrester Research announces 2011 Voice of the Customer Award winners

NEW YORK -- Adobe Systems Inc., Fidelity Investments, and JetBlue Airways were declared winners of the 2011 Forrester Research  Voice Of The Customer Awards, announced at this year's Forrester's Customer Experience Forum 2011.

The Voice Of The Customer Awards recognize organizations that excel in collecting, analyzing, and acting on feedback from their customers.  Winners were judged across five categories: clarity of approach, business value to the organization, positive impact on customer experience, innovation, and potential for other companies to repeat the practice.

"This year's nominees set a new bar for the scope, scale, and quality of voice of the customer programs," said Forrester Analyst Andrew McInnes. "Compared to previous participants, they incorporate more customer data, influence more internal stakeholders, and deliver more value to their customers and their bottom lines."

Adobe Systems Inc. won for its comprehensive program and focus on executive engagement. The firm was cited for creating a Customer Immersion Program where executives step into customers' shoes for a day, attempt relevant customer scenarios, discuss opportunities for improvement with frontline employees, and engage with actual customers.

Fidelity Investments, on the other hand, won for its ability to clearly tie VoC activities to large-scale business results. By focusing on "Moments that Matter" to retail customers, the company has been able to improve its business in line with a significant focus on customer experience by soliciting feedback and using it to enhance customer interactions.
JetBlue Airways  won for its success in improving customers' experiences at an operational level. With a VoC team mining structured and unstructured feedback, uncovering customer pain points for particular flights, and communicating findings to ground-level employees, the firm has driven dozens of specific experience improvements and achieved huge gains in its Net Promoter Scores.