Encentuate automates workflow for Marion General Hospital

Marion General Hospital has deployed Encentuate to improve user productivity and enhance security through multi-factor strong authentication, session management, single sign-on and graceful logoff.

At Marion General, Encentuate automates workflow at the hospital's shared workstation environment through fast user switching, which allows staff to easily login and logout of the hospital's network and applications with a fingerprint or ID badge.

In less than three weeks, Encentuate deployed its IAM suite, leveraging the hospital's new physical security system, and integrating physical and network access with employee HID badges.

Encentuate provides automated single sign-on and sign-off to all of Marion's legacy, Web, and desktop applications, including the Meditech HCIS platform and Microsoft Outlook, for both shared and personal workstations.

Marion employees can access multiple workstations by simply tapping their ID badge on digital readers and entering a single, strong password, or placing their finger on a biometric reader. As they move from workstation to workstation and floor to floor, they can login and logout automatically and gracefully, saving valuable time.

Encentuate provides Marion's IT staff with centralized administration and the ability to instantly revoke access while automatically enforcing security policies at the user, group, or application level.