Dissecting Big Data

Business intelligence systems have been one of the most transformative forces for enterprises.

To get a better insight into the challenges Asia-Pacific companies face, analysis systems vendor HP Vertica hosted a roundtable in Singapore in November last year with several leading IT executives.

"Enterprises are sitting on a trove of data, and this information has intrinsic value," said John Boiardi, HP Vertica's director for Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines. "That data can be used for everything, but the challenge is that the analytics most companies generate are never fast enough to keep pace with the business."

The discussion revealed that Asia-Pacific businesses, even within the conservative financial services sector, were active in niches not traditionally found in developed markets.

Mining for gold

Peter Varga (pictured), vice president of system development for Global Blue, said analytics was the life blood for his company, which works with a network of merchants and banks across the globe to aggregate billing information generated by travellers.

That information was then mined to provide insights into spending patterns which third party customers can buy to plan their commercial strategies.