China Telecom teams up with Dimension Data to enhance network service, security

China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom), a major state-owned telecom operator in China, has selected Dimension Data to help the company enhance the resilience and security of its Internet Data Centre (IDC) business, ChinaNet.

ChinaNet connects to over 100 telecom operators worldwide and serves 140 million broadband users. With 3,000 of China Telecom’s major clients, including IDC users using ChinaNet, China Telecom recognizes the importance of network traffic visibility and control as a strategy for mitigating threats from the Internet.

"By having a clear view of customer-to-customer traffic, we can proactively identify virulent security threats and mitigate the risk of customer-to-customer attacks. The result is better performance, improved security, and a consistent service for our customers," said Jerry Xie, Technical Director, China Telecom. "In addition, a better understanding of how our customers and our partners' customers use our network will enable us to provide a consistent connectivity pricing strategy for everyone."

Dimension Data was selected to deliver its new Arbor Networks' Threat Management System (TMS), comprising of the Arbor Prevail and Arbor Peakflow SP. Francis Yip, General Manager at Dimension Data China, said developing a well-rounded solution starts with a clear understanding of the company's business objectives and how the infrastructure maps to that.

"Mitigating any potential threat starts with a thorough understanding of ChinaNet's infrastructure, the type of data that flows through its networks, the threat landscape faced by the industry, the growth opportunities for China Telecom and all businesses that use the ChinaNet infrastructure," said Yip. 

"Arbor’s TMS solution delivers visibility into more than 80 critical IP services and applications running on the network, such as DNS, HTTP, VoIP, IM and P2P, while also delivering application-layer attack detection, surgical mitigation and reporting. This unique combination allows service providers and large enterprises to maintain availability, reduce support costs and optimize current or future business services," he explained.

With the solution's automated features and easy reporting function, China Telecom expects to achieve savings of up to 30 percent as a result of reduced management costs and increased IT staff productivity.