China, India to buoy APAC PC market in Q3

Consumers in China and India who have returned to purchasing PC units in their respective countries are pushing the Asia-Pacific PC market to double-digit growth of 13% year-on-year to reach 31.9 million units, according to IDC.

Consumers in China finally shrugged off media tablet distractions to return to PC buying this quarter, with enterprises too showing sustained demand there. Festivities and pent-up demand from the past two quarters helped propel the consumer market in India, though the enterprise space there did not share this enthusiasm, given the ongoing economic turmoil in the US and Western Europe.

"While it is great to see China and India carrying the region along, another tier of developing countries like Thailand is increasingly playing a more significant role," said Bryan Ma, Associate Vice President for Client Devices at IDC Asia/Pacific. "The economy of course continues to be a question mark, but if domestic demand remains stable, and if the floods in Thailand don't cause too much disruption, IDC expects the region to stay on track or even surpass its full year growth forecast of 12%."

Lenovo continued to forge ahead in its home market of China, driven by its ambition to compete on market share both locally and globally. Improved inventory levels helped ASUS ship aggressively in China this quarter, while also building on its presence in lower tier cities there. Dell, while flat sequentially, continued to invest in China and retained its lead in India for a good year-on-year performance.