Chilean operator launches fastest mobile broadband network in Latin America

Chilean operator Entel has launched the fastest mobile broadband network in Latin America.

Entel's network has experienced rapid growth in data traffic through increased usage of smartphones and advanced mobile applications that enable Internet and media browsing. The new broadband network based on Ericsson's 42Mbps HSPA Evolution technology (dual carrier - HSPA) increases network capacity and enables peak data rates of 42Mbps.

"The partnership between Entel and Ericsson has grown through the various HSPA releases and has delivered tremendous high-speed broadband services to the Chilean market. With the successful introduction of mobile broadband and smartphones on the market, network modernization has become key for operators to continue offering the best experience to their customers while reducing total cost of ownership," Nicolas Brancoli, Vice President of Unit Pacific for Ericsson in Latin America.

Commercially, Entel will offer plans with a maximum speed of 22 Mbps, with an average download speed of 6 Mbps.