Buddy Media expands YouTube integration with social marketing solution

Buddy Media recently launched its first YouTube social marketing solution, which offers a comprehensive suite of social applications or sappiest, to customize clients' YouTube pages, and deliver relevant social content based on a user’s country and language settings.

“It’s crucial that brands deliver the right content to the right person at the right time," said Michael Lazerow, founder and CEO of Buddy Media. “With our best in class social applications now integrated with the world’s largest video platform, brands can drive more engagement and ROI from their social marketing programs.”

Video social applications consistently are among the top three most popular social applications in the Buddy Media social marketing suite.

Some of these social applications include: a branded video player, which can customize the viewing experience; capability to link images and add sharing functionality; quizzes that encourage fans to share their test results; a voting mechanism that allows fans to vote for the content they like most; and polls, which give fans an opportunity to provide an opinion and view.