3G project enables Japanese patients to manage blood pressure at home

An expanded project of Qualcomm's Wireless Reach Initiative and Medical Platform Asia (MedPa) has allowed elderly Japanese patients in Minami-Izu to manage their blood pressure at home using 3G wireless connectivity and equipment.

The project's first phase, launched in July of 2010, provided medical devices with integrated 3G wireless modules that allowed 300 patients to send critical health information, such as blood pressure, weight and distance walked, to doctors through a 3G wireless network.

In this next phase, Wireless Reach and MedPA are working with Shizuoka Medical Alliance to provide an additional 200 patients at Kyoritsu Minato Hospital in Minami-Izu, with the wireless equipment needed for blood pressure management at home.

The new approach to home health management offers multiple benefits, which include: regular blood pressure monitoring detects hypertension at an early stage, real-time transmission of data to hospitals provides convenience to patients, automating the process of capturing and sharing data enables doctors to spend more time on the patient.
"As a result of this ongoing collaboration between Qualcomm, MedPA and other project partners, people are empowered to take better care of themselves," said Jun Yamada, senior vice president of Qualcomm and president of Qualcomm Japan. "We are committed to applying 3G wireless technology to improve access to quality healthcare in underserved communities."