An industry collaboration envisioned to help spur the growth of the use of connected devices and speed up the...
What if one can know with certainty what diseases one can develop over a course of a lifetime? What if even before the...
The call for a transparent and accountable government continues and stronger than ever, but the advocacy has embraced...


Approximately 65 percent of the Australian population owns a smartphone and over half (52 percent) of users are now using smartphones in the shopping process, but less than 30 percent of retailers currently offers smartphone-...
Customers today have a tendency to research nearly every step on the path to purchase
The world’s largest sales performance and customer engagement firm is formed by the merger of five companies


The global volumes eased sequentially but growth in the second semester will shore up full-year performance: IDC
The rapid growth of connected devices is expected to drive adoption of the Internet of Things in Asia Pacific: Frost & Sullivan
Stabilization in developed markets was offset by a decline in emerging markets: Gartner


The Melbourne-based water utility can now approve customer applications in two days
TradeGecko announced recently that it will be integrating its popular e-commerce platform with popular e-commerce platform Magento.
3rd-platform technology will ensure the future of business process management and middleware market in Asia Pacific: IDC