In October 2014, Singapore's IDA updated its Cloud Service Provider Registry to provide potential cloud consumers real-time information on...
An internal brief of the company for a marketing campaign with telecom firm SingTel held last year was leaked on a Tumblr blog.
Data breaches continue to happen and we will hear even more about it because data and metadata (data about data) is growing at such a fast pace in...


Neither Integrated Business Planning (IBP) nor driver-based budgeting, are new or radical concepts. However, very few organizations have fully implemented a holistic approach that starts with demand planning and flows through to...
The newest features of Epicor ERP include support for multiple data sources
The upgrade enables mobility and supports the enablement of activity-based working


But overdependence on prevailing economic conditions worldwide is a major challenge
Citrix turned to Birst to deploy a cloud-based analytics tool to help the company improve supply-chain visibility.
Initiatives include provide support for 'sixth industry' business development in tsunami-hit Fukushima Prefecture